Sunday, November 02, 2014

Competitive Programming Sites By Popularity

Updated: May 30, 2018

Search 100+ Online Judges (ex: Reverse a Linked List, FizzBuzz, Maximum Subarray, etc.)

1. GeeksforGeeks Practice
2. LeetCode
3. Kaggle
4. HackerRank
5. CodeChef
6. Brilliant
7. HackerEarth
8. CodeForces
9. Codewars
10. Topcoder
11. InterviewBit
12. Project Euler
13. SPOJ
14. CodingBat
15. LintCode
16. Codingame
17. CodeFights
18. Codility
19. CoderByte
20. UVA Online Judge
21. Kattis
22. CheckiO
23. Rosalind 
24. PythonChallenge
26. CSAcademy
27. CodeAbbey 
28. CodeStepByStep
29. Elements of Programming Interviews Judge
30. CodeKata 
32. CodeEval
33. TunedIT
34. FightCode

35. MLComp 
37. ChallengePost
38. BeatMyCode
39. Talentbuddy

Notable Others:
- Google Code Jam
- Facebook Hacker Cup

-  Most are based on the Online Judge system
- TopCoder, CrowdANALYTIX, Kaggle, ChallengePost and TunedIT have their focus on Data Science/Projects
- Codingame and FightCode have their focus on game playing programs, so this includes intelligent solutions, Machine Learning, AI
- MLComp is focused on Machine Learning
- Rosalind is focused on Bioinformatics
- SQL-EX.RU is the only one in the list focusing on SQLHackerRank added SQL, too.
 - HPC University is focused on High Performance Computing (HPC)
- CheckiO is focused on Python
- Most on the list, especially the commercial ones are pitching employment, just keep this in mind
- HackerEarthCodeEval, Talentbuddy, Codility, and Kattis are focused on Employment, have about 400 (practice), 185, 120, 90, and 600 problems respectively
GeeksforGeeks PracticeLeetCode and LintCode are focused on Tech Interview Problems, (have about ?, 180 and 160 problems, respectively). LeetCode also has some SQL problems.
- HackerRank includes other specialties from the other sites like AI (Codingame), Data Science (TopCoder, Kaggle), Python Tutorials (CheckiO), Eulerian Problems (Project Euler).
- HackerRank provides a good calendar that contains events from other sites like HackerEarth, CodeChef, URI Online Judge, TopCoder, CodeForces
- HackerRank-only features: Functional Programming specialization, Bash specialization, Linux Text utilities specialization
- is more on High School Mathematics, and also are not a competition site, but they have problems in Computer Science, too.
- PythonChallenge is a programming riddles site and is actually not limited to Python 

Looking for Academic Online Judges?


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Thanks for a wonderful compilation of developer/coding evaluation sites.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks.

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